Settling In

We know that parents like to see us during a session, working with children. When arranging visits it is usually best to choose a quieter time, whereby a member of staff is available to show you around and discuss your needs with you. It may be necssary for us to check the availabilty of sessions you require and confirm this at a later date or offer to put you on our waiting list. Parents of under fives, and particularly babies, are encouraged to have one or two short visits to help your child settle in. This is for the benefit of the child; to make the transition to a new setting as smooth as possible, to reassure parents and also to give you the opportunity to meet your room Team Leader and other staff prior to your child starting here.

You will be informed of your child’s keyworker on your introductory visits, or within the first week or so of your child’s attendance. Staff will gather lots of information about your child; their likes and dislikes, routines, favourite activities, how to comfort your child if they become upset and how they have reacted when left before. Your keyworker will support and comfort your child during their settling in period and keep a special eye on your child during the day.

Your keyworker is your first point of contact should you have any questions or concerns and if your child needs any support in an area of learning or development, they will talk to you about this.


Sharing Information about Your Child’s Day

On handover, a member of staff will give you a brief overview of your child’s day, how they have been and raise any specific issues e.g. if they have had an accident that you need to know about or of they have done something to be particularly proud of that day.

Daily diaries are completed for all under 2’s and for some 2 year olds e.g. if they are new to the room and settling in and/or where parents may require specific information which needs recording during the session.

Your child’s keyworker will complete observations, goals and next steps which (alongside samples of their work and home learning completed with you at home) will make up their learning journing journey. You will be invited to attend a parent consultation for 2 yr Progress Check and/or at the end of each term to share information about your child’s development. You can ask to have your child’s Learning Journey at any time to take home to look at and add work/pictures/photographs to, however please bring it safely back.

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