Contracts, Fees and Bookings


Since opening in 2014 our standard hourly rate has not increased.  As the minimum wage has gone up consistently each year along with utilities and general expenses, we need to bring our fees in line with inflation. This increase in fees ensures that we can continue to provide quality childcare at a price that we can afford.

Our standard hourly rate will increase to £5.00 per hour and ad hoc/casual rate increasing to £5.50 per hour.

We will be contacting you soon, individually to advise you of your new payment. If you are in receipt of the childcare element of Tax Credits, please remember to inform them as you may be entitled to an increase in payments.

Many thanks.

Contracts Available 

Places Available

Places are limited; we have to adhere strictly to Ofsted guidelines with regards to floor space and adult: child ratios. We have to consider this when any childcare is requested. We offer two types of contract, outlined below.

Set Childcare

For parents who require the same fixed days and times each week, costs are £5.00 per hour. Times of sessions are between 7am-6.30pm Monday-Friday. We offer term-time only or year-round options. These contracts guarantee the places agreed on the contract with a set monthly fee due on 1st of each calendar month prior to (in advance of) childcare to secure your booking. (Any sessions required in additional to fixed days/times are classed as extras and are payable at £5.50).

Flexible / Ad-hoc Childcare, Via Booking Form from April 2017

This encompasses shift patterns, casual or occasional use. Places for families requiring shift patterns are limited to maximise availability for current users. We do not guarantee to be able to accommodate every request (see reference to Ofsted guidelines above).

Places are offered on a ‘first come first served’ basis (booked in order of received bookings) depending on current availability. Please understand that by choosing this type of contract you run the risk of not always getting every session of childcare you have requested. When you submit your booking form, this MUST be accompanied by the correct payment/vouchers/proof of payment which the staff can see to secure your booking.


Price Structure 

Fees/fee structures will be reviewed each year. Parents will be given 4 weeks’ notice of any changes. Fees take into account our running costs such as our utilities, resources, general expenses and staff wages. An increase in fees will ensure sustainability of the Nursery without compromising the quality of the areas mentioned.

Fees are charged by the hour or half hour for times requested by parents. We do not charge by smaller increments than this, e.g. by the minute.

We are closed on Bank holidays and this is taken into account when calculating your monthly fees. You are not charged for Bank holidays & therefore will not be offered an alternative day or have your fees reduced if there is a Bank Holiday in the month.

Sessions of wraparound care require a minimum charge of 1 hour of any session required either side of your child’s place at school.

Set Childcare

Sessions which are the same times and days each week, with a regular monthly payment (see full description above). The price reflects the lesser administration time required to calculate fees and place a set booking of sessions onto our software. Set childcare sessions allow us to organise staff rotas more effectively. Once booked, these sessions are guaranteed.

Price: £5.00 per hour, minimum 10 fixed hours per week (subject to availability)

Flexible/Ad-hoc Childcare

When children attend occasionally, change times and days each week or follow a shift pattern, this requires additional administration (in bookings, calculations of fees and checking payments, sometimes changing school runs and re-organising numbers of staff or employing additional drivers). We are unable to guarantee availability of every session requested, however we do limit the number of shift patterns covered so that disappointment is less likely to occur.

These types of contracts often leave unused time in a daily or weekly session. We do not charge retainers for unused sessions, however we do charge a higher rate for flexible/ad-hoc bookings in order to continue to offer this flexibility.

Price: £5.50 per hour, minimum 10 hours per week (subject to availability)

Out of Hours Childcare 

Childcare provided outside of our standard opening times ( 7am-6.30pm, Monday-Friday)

Price: £6.00 per hour

Mix and Match

Choose from year round childcare or term-time only (with no retainers or charges through the holidays). You may find it cost effective to have a fixed contract during term-time at our lower hourly rate, then add on days when you need them in the holidays. Please remember that only fixed sessions have ongoing guaranteed availability.

Sibling Discounts

We do not offer any discounts for siblings.


Booking Children In

Booking children in allows us to staff the nursery accordingly. Regular bookings secure a child’s place every week within the numbers we are allowed to care for.  We require a minimum of 10 hours per week over 1 full day or two 5 hour sessions for all children not yet at school.

Flexible/ Ad-hoc bookings fill places which are available by submitting a booking form complete with payment. for late or last minute bookings, once all places are full and staffed accordingly, we are unable to accept further bookings from any parents.

Staff rotas for the following week are issued based on bookings received by Thursday at the latest. We are less likely to be able to accommodate any requests made after a Thursday for the following week, particularly if your child is under 2yrs or you require us to cover a school run.  If you do not tell us when you require your child to attend, we will not know to book them in. We will no longer be reminding parents to submit bookings.

Please note that our office closes at 3pm on Fridays.

Absences/cancellations/illness from April 2017

Once bookings have been accepted, payment is required to secure your place. We do not offer refunds or credits of monies (or hours of childcare) for absences for any reason, including child/parent illness/occasional days off or holidays. We do not offer alternative sessions or ‘swaps’ for absences for any reason, including child/parent illness/occasional days off or holidays. This may have been offered on previous occasions, however this was as a goodwill gesture and not part of our contractual agreement. We will however try to accommodate extra sessions where possible, depending on availability.

We understand that by continuing to use Kozy Cottage Childcare childcare & paying your fees as agreed that you have read and understand these Types of Contract, Fees and Bookings and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. This understanding is displayed clearly in both settings at our entrances. April 2017

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