About Us

Kozy Cottage provides a fresh approach to childcare which finds the balance between a nursery and home. In current climate where employers are changing contracts and requiring workers to work shifts etc. and family may be involved in providing some of the childcare. Kozy Cottage is flexible enough to meet most customer needs. Kozy Cottage Childcare ethos is to be an environment ‘just like home’ with a focus on learning through play. We adhere to strict adult/child ratios ensuring children have plenty of high quality childcare.

It can be difficult to find someone to trust with the care of your child when you aren’t there and we aim to establish a sense of ‘belonging’ amongst the children who come to Kozy Cottage. We value and accept each child as a unique individual. Children are sensitively cared for and thrive in a safe, child-centred, homely environment with stimulating resources. Our staff are carefully selected for their personal qualities as well as relevant checks and/or formal qualifications.

Ages of Children

Main Site at Northburn

We look after children from birth in our Babyroom; children around two years in our Early Years Room and we have our own Pre-School Class for three and four year olds. We offer Wraparound (Out of School) care for children attending full-time school (we drop off and collect from a number of Cramlington schools-please check this with us).

Second Site at Hareside

We look after children from two, three and four years in our Early Years Room and we have our own Pre-School Class for three and four year olds. We offer Wraparound (Out of School) care for children attending full-time school (we drop off and collect from a number of Cramlington schools-please check this with us).

Daily Activities and Play

The children’s days based around the EYFS Themes and Commitments, which all Early Years Providers must deliver by statutory requirement.

Activities are planned around areas of development, as well as the children’s interests, to promote confidence building while providing enough challenge for progress and successful learning for each individual child.

Children are encouraged to develop social skills to form and maintain friendships, be sensitive to the feelings of others, be independent, confident and keep themselves safe. We plan visits to places in the local community where practical.

When using cars for outings or school runs, we have a range of car seats which are fitted correctly and age appropriate. Drivers have insurance for business use and vehicles are regularly serviced and always within current MOT.

What to Bring!!!……………

*Change of clothes, plenty of pants and bottoms if potty training!

*Nappies, wipes and creams, comfort items i.e. soothers, blankets etc.

*Baby foods if providing your own/ milk & bottles sufficient for the day.

*Please label all of your child’s belongings to help ensure items are returned to their owner at the end of the day.

……..And What Not to Bring!!!

*toys-they can become lost or broken and cause disagreements and we have plenty here!

*toy guns/weapons- aggressive role-play can hurt or frighten others.

*sweets/snacks/sugary drinks.

*valuable items of clothes/jewellery/ expensive hand-held games (unless you feel that your child is able to be responsible for them).

*mobile phones or devices with recording features or internet access.

*car seats or prams.

15 hours of Free Nursery Education

We have a number of free places for children of 2, 3 & 4yrs which run between 9.30-2.30 each day term time only (you will be offered the same 3 days per week). Funding for 2yr olds is subject to specific criteria and all places are subject to availability. All 3 & 4  year olds are automatically entitled to free nursery education. Please ask for further information if you would like to request free nursery education for your child at this setting, you may book & pay for additional hours around these sessions, subject to availablity. 


Our setting is open plan with areas for play, dining and relaxing – just like home. Under 2’s have their own designated play & sleep area, there areas of the playroom where over 2’s can play quietly or relax. We can provide a sleep-mat/ buggy for any toddler who needs a nap. Kozy Cottage is well resourced and children can choose toys and activities in addition to those organised by their keyworkers. The dining area is also used for small group cooking activities.


There is a secure back garden which is creatively resourced, with activities such as sand, water, mark-making available daily as well as the toys provided. We are members of Forest Daycare and as such, are committed ensuring the children spent time outside each day and that it is a place to explore and learn as well as to enhance physical development and well-being. Parents are asked to ensure their child is equipped for the outdoors by sending adequate protection from the elements, whatever the season.


To keep children safe, entrance doors are kept locked – please ring or knock! Upon leaving, children will only be handed over to persons named in your contract. If staff do not recognise a parent (even if the parent themself drops/collects regularly) they will be asked for the password which has been set up. This is not intended to cause any offence, rather to ensure that your child is safe. Please bear with us if staff don’t instantly recognise you, or if we have new staff who have not met you before & you are asked for the password on several occasions.

Any changes to this need to done in advance (a note brought with your child, or a phone call) to save embarrassment if someone unknown to me makes an attempt to collect your child. Unknown visitors will be asked to show their ID and sign the visitors book. All visitors will be noted for future reference.


Breakfast is served until 8.15am. If you book sessions which start after this time, please give your child breakfast at home. We serve lunch around 11.30am -12.00pm & tea around 3.30-4.00pm.

*All relevant meals are provided for Early Years children who are present over meal/snack-times. This is included in the fees. If you prefer to send your child with a packed lunch/tea they will be offered this at the relevant mealtime alongside other children.

*Fresh drinking water will available at all times upon request, and offered at regular intervals to children without communication skills to ask.

*drinks and snacks provided are in line with our oral health and healthy eating policies. We will not give children fizzy drinks/juice/energy drinks/tea or coffee even upon parents’ request. Please support us in protecting your children’s health by offering water and milk at home so that your child is happy to drink them here too.

*Any medical/religious dietary needs will be catered for upon request.

*A menu which is nutritionally balanced and includes a variety of dishes from other cultures is displayed.

Adult:Child Ratios

We adhere to Ofsted guidelines for the number/ages of children Kozy Cottage may care for at any one time, for children’s safety & welfare.

For this reason we may not always be able to accommodate requests for admission or extra sessions/ ad-hoc bookings.

Children’s Behaviour

Children are supported in developing their social skills to share, take turns, compromise and negotiate within a group. They will learn how to be considerate and appreciate the individuality and opinions of one another. It is a statutory requirement that the behaviour of older children does not compromise the care of the younger ones, so we ask parents to support us in encouraging older children to be good role models.

Children remain the responsibility of their parents/carers until they have been handed over, and also upon collection. We ask that children leave sensibly, swiftly and safely offsite to allow continuation of care of other children still here. We can help by having your child ready for you when you arrive. In addition, we request that parents are good role-models for children by being polite to one another.

Working in Partnership with Parents/Carers

Kozy Cottage know that a trusting partnership with parents is a key to successful childcare. You are the most important person in your child’s life and our aim is to support you and work with you to provide care and learning which suits your child.  We will seek your guidance things like potty training, behaviour, meals, nap times, etc. We will pass on verbally any vital information when the child is collected, or make contact during the day if something needs to be clarified.

Please remember that while we do our very best to follow your requests, there are more distractions at nursery than at home which may affect mealtimes/sleeptimes. Also while you may be able to constantly carry your child around at home, or always sit with them until they fall asleep this is not possible in nursery. We can support change for your child by allowing you to book in some short sessions (in addition to you 2 free visits) prior to childcare commencing if you feel that this may help.

Our staff work hard to provide a high quality, friendly and professional service. We ask that you, in return, are polite to our staff. If you have any queries with regards to your child’s day, please do this in an appropriate manner.

Learning and Development

We keep a Learning Journey for all Early Years children, containing samples of their work, pieces of art, photos, any strategies for support or interventions, assessments, tracker charts and future targets. Parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning and participate in activities sent home. This will provide a more ‘all round’ picture of your child and what they have achieved both here and at home.  Information is displayed regarding activity programmes, and any feedback, questions or suggestions are always welcome. Parents are invited to a consultation with their keyworker to complete 2 year checks and  to discuss progress made at the end of each term.


Current local authority recommendations are followed with regards to illness, infection and diseases. This is to protect all the children in our care as well as our staff.  If your child is unwell please respect our decision not to accept a sick child or send them home. 

Emergency Contacts

If you know it is difficult for you to get away from work, please ensure that you have arranged an emergency contact you would prefer us to ring. Children naturally want to be at home with family or friends when they are feeling unwell.

If you move house or any contact numbers change, please let us know immediately.


All parents need to complete a contract prior to any childcare commencing. This sets out the agreement of expectations from both parties and any points can be clearly discussed prior to signing. Please see links on our websites’ home page for ‘Contracts, Fees and Bookings’ ; Terms and Conditions’  and ‘Policies and Procedures’  to read our most recent versions of these documents.

Late or non-payments

Fees are due in advance of childcare commencing. If fees are not paid when agreed, we reserve the right to insist that fees are brought up to date and the agreed advance payment made before any further childcare takes place. In extreme circumstances, we may seek legal advice to recover outstanding fees.

Opening Hours

Basic hours are between 7.00 am & 6.30 pm, Monday-Friday, hours outside this may be arranged by mutual agreement, subject to availability.
Open 52 weeks year excluding bank holidays.

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